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Why Hire Me?

I've owned, ridden, and competed with horses most of my life. 

If I'm not one of your customers, I probably know someone who is (or should be). 

I offer you: 


I'm a horse gal who was raised by a cattleman and I'm married to a veterinarian. I know the terminology. From market pressures to stifle problems, steers to snaffle bits, I will learn your business's tone to speak your customers' language. My copy is timely and relatable. 


I get what's going on in the western world today because I'm there. Nobody has time, money is tight, and it's nearly impossible to find good help. I understand your customers' pain points and engage on their level.  


I spent a lot of years in corporate America. As an Instructional Designer, I created learning programs that successfully trained folks in multiple industries and at all levels - from maintenance techs to CEOs. I'm an expert communicator, capable of writing for any audience and in a variety of tones. I've made the results of a complex clinical study into an interesting and understandable read. And I crafted an obituary that made the congregation laugh out loud. I'll treat your content, your customers, and your brand with the utmost care and respect. I do thorough research, editing, and proofreading so you don't have to.    

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