2020...  Talk about a year for change! 


If this year had no other redeeming qualities, it was a year that forced all of us out of our comfort zone!   We've had to change, adapt, and innovate nearly everything we do. 

And so, Runaway Writing was born.  I took a chance to join up my two passions - horses and helping people.  


Equine and agri-businesses have seen a tidal shift in many aspects of their business, thanks to COVID (aka, "the Rona").  If you're like many, you've struggled to reach and stay connected with your customers. 


Visibility on the web is suddenly a BIG DEAL! 


That's why I knuckled down and studied to become certified as a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) copywriter


You absolutely HAVE to have a website, and it has to be easily found by your customers (and potential customers) when they search. 


So maybe you've looked at your website and thought, "Yeah, that could use some work!"  

A Little Bit About Me

My horse journey took off in high school thanks to the kindness of 4-H friends who let me borrow a horse and hitch rides to shows.  Until I left for college, I got the chance to develop and show a gorgeous young Appaloosa gelding named Man, who still holds a particular “spot” in my heart.


Later, my bill-paying career took me down some different roads through corporate America.  I was a teacher, then an instructional designer, and a project manager. 


I absolutely loved figuring out what sparks someone's interest, and what gets them excited and engaged.  I learned to work with a wide variety of people from different fields of expertise and backgrounds.  Together we produced programs of all shapes and sizes and accomplished a multitude of business goals.  


Here is a small sampling of the programs I worked on:   

  • How to use the U.S. Army Theatre Army Medical Information System

  • How to fix a digital letter sorter machine (US Postal Service)

  • How to overcome customer objections when selling cellular phone service

  • How to be the best people leader in the world (here's a writing sample from this program)

My Skills

My experiences have made me extremely versatile.  Along with developing strong listening skills and a collaborative, consultative approach, I built expertise in:

  • Simplifying the complex

  • Crafting visually detailed descriptions, editing, proofreading

  • Taking the ball and running it to the goal line

  • Researching, fact-checking, finding solutions


Whether its writing a blog, organizing your files, or designing your website I take a very common-sense, flexible, and pragmatic approach to getting work done. 

I Love to Learn!

Especially about horse stuff!  Just like every horse, every project provides a new learning opportunity.  

Among my work samples, you'll find an article I wrote about an equine photographer and her growing business.  This was a chance to help Lea, the photographer, get exposure for her young business (without paying for advertising) and also an opportunity to learn a bit about the world of print publications.  This article was published in a local publication, The 380 Guide.   

Most recently, I'm loving taking care of my virtual assistant client, blogging for an equine business, writing articles for an online riding program, and creating cool social posts with Canva (its free, check it out!) 


And I'm still learning new horsey things!  I'm competing in Ranch Versatility and Competitive Trail, and a Texas Master Naturalist (TMN).  Our chapter supports Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, and  among my work samples, you'll also find articles I've written for their newsletter, The Featherless Flyer.  

As you can see, my writing and riding interests may be diverse, but I'm always growing and learning.  The one thing that's never changed is my desire to help people.


I'm excited to meet you, learn more about your business, and see what we can do!


Let's talk soon!  



Web Copy

JK Versatility Performance Horses

JK Versatility was ready to update their website. 


Being horse trainers (not writers), I assisted them with recommendations for pages and site structure, optimized content, and editing of published pages. 

My content appears throughout the site, most prominently on the Home page and the Services subpages.


Article for
Lea Watson,
Equine Photographer

This Aubrey, Texas-based photographer was working hard to market her skills.

I assisted Lea by creating this article which was published and delivered to thousands of mailboxes throughout the area.


She saved hundreds of dollars by not having to purchase advertising space.


Instructional Video Storyboard:
 “Tips for Buying the Right Horse”

A storyboard is critical in designing exceptional online instruction using multimedia. 

Created by the instructional designer, with assistance from subject matter experts, the storyboard is used by every team member including videographers, programmers, audio technicians, and talent. 

This example storyboard demonstrates all the essential elements needed to visualize and build the final product.


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