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People Have Questions, You Have Answers

Share your programs, products, skills, and techniques on line!  Expand your reach, promote your expertise and build trust!



70-80% of people research a company online
BEFORE visiting or making a purchase



When we work together, I'll take the expertise and insight you already have and turn it into valuable resources that increase your authority and build trust.

Service pricing is based on your unique needs, starting as low as $50!

Ask about frequent update retainers for consistent quality and content. 

Please contact me for details!

Learning Programs - Educational Content Design/Creation

COVID-19 has everyone thinking about how to do things online.  Horse people love to learn, and I have years of experience designing and building learning programs!  I know just how to help you take your teaching skills to the masses with online courses, coaching services, webinars, and more.  

  • Short stand-alone courses

  • Full curriculum

  • Workbooks/Guides

  • Scripts and storyboards (see an example storyboard in my portfolio)

  • Platform agnostic

  • Social posts and sales copy to help you market your courses


Online courses, online coaching, videos, podcasts, and webinars can be offered to your clients on a membership or subscription basis, pay-per-course, or as freebies to generate leads that help visitors to your site become customers.

Keep your courses interesting!  Build new programs as new ideas arrive.  Ask about update retainers.

SEO Content Articles

Searchers and search engines LOVE high-quality, engaging, and informative content.  Give me a topic and I’ll make it happen.  I do extensive research, collaborate with you or your team, and write in your voice and style.  Don’t have a topic in mind?  I’ll bring you a list to choose from.

Content doesn't have to be new, but it needs to be fresh and current.  I can also take your existing articles and blogs, breathe new life into that old content!


  • Targeted long-form (1200 - 2000 words) and short-form articles (500 - 1000 words)

  • Refresh, optimize and republish existing content

  • Serial articles (A topic covered in 2-3 installments published 3-5 weeks apart keeps your audience coming back.)

  • Info-graphics, tools, and templates

  • 100% optimized, edited and proofed for error-free quality


Having a website that offers useful resources to visitors is an excellent way to build trust and convert those visitors to customers.   Read my article about SEO content writing. 

Keep your content fresh, relevant, and timely!  Ask me about frequent update retainers.


Ebooks can be excellent tools to attract people to your website and business.  These are multi-chapter, informative, relevant, and in-depth assets that you can sell or give away to generate leads.  They can be as long or as short as you need. 

E-Commerce Product Descriptions

Every product description in your online store plays a role in your searchability and rankings in Google.  Not many people know that! 


I will help you ensure that your product descriptions include high value keywords, links to more information and related products, and other SEO tools to help more customers find your products! 

White Papers and Case Studies

White papers and case studies are essential marketing and lead generation tools for many equine industry businesses. 


A white paper allows you to focus attention on a particular product or service that a specific type of customer or potential customer would be interested in.  It's an excellent way to introduce a new product/service to customers or introduce potential customers to your business.


A case study is a success story related to your product/service success story.  Spotlight the benefits and results that customers have gained from your product/service!  This is an excellent proof mechanism for building credibility, trust, and loyalty!

Book a free discovery call today and receive a complimentary social post design! 

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