Is Your Website Helping Your Business … or Hurting It?

You have a business, so you probably have a website.  You likely have at least one social media account.


But, are you getting the traffic you hoped for?  Are the “right” customers finding your website?  Or, are your competitors doing more business than you?  

Because a bad website is worse than no website …


Maybe you don’t know where to start?  That's where I can help!



Let's make sure your online presence connects you to the right customer and best represents your expertise.

Get Visible Services are priced according to your unique needs, starting at $50.

Ask about frequent update retainers for consistent quality and content. 

Please contact me for details!

Ideal Customer Persona Creation

How much do you know about your desired customers?  Does your content address their goals and challenges?


Let’s get inside your ideal customer’s mind.  Understanding what motivates the people you are trying to reach is essential to your brand’s content strategy.  It enables you to anticipate and meet their needs with the information, products, and services you provide.


Maybe you've already done this.  Let’s take a look and see what we can add!

“Core 4 Refresh” Web Page Content Refresh

Starting at $250  per page

Search engine bots LOVE  fresh content!   How long has it been since you last freshened up your website?  You can get results from improving what you have, republishing, and repromoting it. 


Choose any 4 pages of your existing website to fully optimize and update.  Most clients choose Services, About, Home, and FAQ. 

You should update your content regularly.  Ask about frequent update retainers! 

“Core 4 New” Web Page Content

Rethinking your website?  Starting from scratch?  Choose 4 pages to focus on, and I will create new, premium SEO content based on your goals and needs. 


Most clients start with the Home, About, Product/Services Overview, and Social proof.  

You should maintain your new site with regular updates.  Ask about frequent update retainers! 

Other Pages

I can also help you with other pages for your website, including (but not limited to): 


  • Video/Podcast

  • Ecommerce products

  • Customer Support or FAQ

  • Sales Copy

Update Retainers

When you have the same person working on your assets it shows with consistent style, voice, and quality in your content and projects. 


Do you have a lot of ideas?  Booking some of my time each month enables you to keep putting those ideas to use!  Having me around also ensures that the content we put out there will always be fresh, and never get stale.  


You can book blocks of hours of my time each month to update content and courses, work on multiple articles, start new projects, keep your social posts rolling, and more.

Book a free discovery call today and receive a complimentary site audit! 


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