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Business: "Management Essentials"

This IT company was known for its values, one of which was caring for people. Developing exceptional people leaders was key to living up to this standard.  

Management Essentials was the company's flagship Leadership Development course, taught around the world for over a decade.  

I was both the Lead Instructional Designer and Project Manager for this effort.  This sample is from the Student Guide that accompanied this very interactive, 3-day workshop. 


NavaRio Ranch Hosts First Cyber-Ranch Horse Show

I heard about this show the same week that the COVID-19 pandemic put the United States in lockdown.  I thought it was ingenious!  I was also in awe that this group at NavaRio Ranch had been able to put this concept together so quickly in light of the circumstances.


I had to know more!  I also thought this would be a GREAT topic for an article, so I gave them a call. 

In writing this, I met two very sweet young ladies who spend a great deal of time supporting local 4H clubs and the equine community at large.  But I also came to a startling realization about my own "horse show nerves!"    


Hagerman NWR Featherless Flyer

This volunteer organization needed a feature article for their monthly newsletter to patrons.  They were a week away from publishing! 

For this article, I used a presentation that had been created by the HNWR Birding Expert, then incorporated additional research.  I created the infographic depicting the nesting season as well as the trivia boxes and produced this in under two days.


Custom Infographic
2020 Rodeo Houston

In 2020, Rodeo Houston introduced "Tournament Style Rodeo" to fans, as well as competitors.  With this move, Rodeo Houston broke ties with the PRCA, went invitation only, and offered a total purse worth $1.25 million!

The creator of a horse marketing/social platform asked me to create an article to help readers understand the format to be better able to follow the action.

The Super Series spans 20 days, and consists of five 3-day series, two Semifinal rounds, a Wild Card round, a Championship, and a Shootout round.  40 contestants in each event are whittled down to 10 by the championship round, with the top 4 vying for the crown in the final shootout round.  Confused yet? 

In writing the article, I quickly realized how complicated this new format was to explain.  So I developed this infographic depicting how round winners and wild card competitors move through the tournament brackets to reach the "Super Shootout."  


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