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Overwhelmed? Here Are 30 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

There’s a recurring theme when I talk to horse business owners. They are BUSY! So busy, in fact, that they don’t have time to do key things they know they need to do to grow their business, like updating a stale website, finishing a new website, or even finishing and launching a profit-generating subscription platform!

It’s super easy for small business owners to get overwhelmed. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce another service to the equine and ag-related industry. Runaway Writing offers Virtual Assistant services to help relieve your overwhelm!

If you’re not familiar with Virtual Assistant services, let me fill you in. A VA works for you on a contract basis, for a set number of hours per week. The relationship can be as long-term or short-term as needed, without the overhead of hiring another employee.

Working remotely, a VA can’t pick up your dry cleaning or get your car washed. But he or she can tackle your business’s administrative tasks. You know, the frustrating ones that take up precious chunks of your time, but don’t contribute directly to revenue and sales. Handing these tasks off to a VA frees you up to focus on the more strategic and business-critical things that enable your company to flourish.

Which tasks could you hand over to a VA? I thought you might ask, so I’ve compiled a list!

But I’m sure I haven’t thought of everything, so PLEASE let me know if there’s something missing!

  1. Filter emails and keep your inbox organized

  2. Set up appointments and manage your calendar

  3. Data entry

  4. Take meeting notes

  5. Documentation

  6. Organize your files

  7. Order office supplies

  8. Answer phones

  9. Research projects

  10. Create/manage/distribute your newsletter

  11. Problem-solving

  12. Application setup

  13. Create templates

  14. Clean up messy accounts

  15. Correspond with customers

  16. Handle vendor correspondence

  17. Pay bills

  18. Stay on top of the staff and customer birthday cards

  19. Send out holiday cards

  20. Help with parties and events planning

  21. Copywriting

  22. Support your social media accounts

  23. Screen applicants

  24. Editing

  25. Proofreading

  26. Obtain/create graphics

  27. Create/manage spreadsheets

  28. Make travel arrangements

  29. Make dinner reservations

  30. Manage projects

Virtual Assistant services are a great way to help your small horse business. I have an existing client who was able to focus on her products, increase her sales by 20%, and improve her e-commerce platform metrics within 20 days of handing off some administrative tasks to me, her VA.

If the above 30 tasks give you inspiration, fill out the contact form, and let’s set up a call to discuss.


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