If Projects Are Piling Up, Let’s Talk

It’s easy to put things off - even big things that need to be done - especially when you operate a small business.  Everything demands your attention and seems to be the #1 priority.

There is no doubt that you and your business have some things that are, or need to be a top priority, but sometimes it’s just really hard to see those trees when you’re staring at a forest!

What Projects Can Runaway Writing Do?


I would love to help you manage and accomplish these types of projects:

Technology & Online Programs, including:

  • Installing a new software tool

  • Overhauling or creating a new website

  • Launching an online program

Events, including:

  • Grand openings, celebrations, and parties

  • Conferences

  • Sales

  • Competitions and clinics

Travel & Logistics

  • Moving to a new location

  • Planning a trip

  • Launching agri-tourism

Proect Management Professional


I spent my corporate career writing the content for programs and managing the work of the team.  In 2003, I earned my
Project Management Professional certification and became a Certified Agile Scrum Master in 2018.  I know there are many ways to get work done from start to finish.  

Services are priced according to your unique needs, starting as low as $75/hour.

Ask about retainers/long-term contracts for your larger project needs.

Please contact me for details!

Project Research & Development


Let’s dive into that pile and pull out one or two top priorities to research and develop. In Project R&D, we’ll define the project objectives, key milestones, and determine if it’s something we can accomplish, given your timeframe and budget.  This service includes: 

  • Assistance with researching vendors, prices, and approaches

  • Deliver recommendations and a sample schedule

Project Planning

Once you decide on a project, I work with you, your team/experts, and any contracted vendors to develop the actual project approach. I prefer to follow an agile methodology and will do what makes the most sense to deliver to you a task list, requirements timeline, staffing requirements, and budget

Project Work

Once you’ve accepted the planning deliverables, and give the go-ahead to get to work, I’ll take the reins.  You receive status reports in person, or via Zoom on your preferred frequency.  Status will include work accomplished, milestones met, next steps, budget use, risks & mitigation, support needs.

Book a free discovery call today and receive a complimentary site audit! 

Claudia is so easy to work with! She is very attentive and super helpful. She knows her stuff and that takes a big load off of me. I love being able to offload some of my chores to someone who can do a much better job than I can!

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